Art Program Donations Needed

Do you love the art that your student brings home? The projects that they rave about after they’ve done them that day at school? We do too. Check out the amazing Art-A-Baloo Crew Blog for just a taste of the great creative learning that each grade level enjoys on a monthly basis!

Our Art Committee loves teaching art to our Prairie View students. Art is a brain break in an otherwise curriculum heavy day of reading, math and science and the kids love having our parent volunteers work with them on their masterpieces. But we need your help to keep this program at our school. We are currently facing a dwindling art supply closet that needs some serious replenishing for the upcoming school year! We are currently working with a budget of only $1.50 per student for the entire year, and with the increase in art supply costs, this just isn’t enough to get our supplies back to where we need them for 2017-18. Many of our Art Committee Coordinators and Docents are donating not only their time, but financially to sustain this program.┬áSo we’re hoping that you can take a minute at MoMMA to pledge your time and/or financial support to our art program for the upcoming 2017-18 school year.

While primarily an event for moms and their students to just come and enjoy artwork, our MoMMA Art Show is also a time that you can become a patron of the Prairie View Art-a-Baloo program. Your generous contributions at the show, or with the online donation form (linked here on our website) will directly benefit this program. In addition to “purchasing” your favorite artist’s work, it’s our hope that your financial donation will be used to purchase basic supplies for each artist: A tray of watercolor paints, a set of oil pastels, a set of white erasers and ultra-fine point and fine point Sharpies (approximately $10 per student retail). Since we hope to buy in bulk and be able to use our buying power to get the best deals, we are asking that you consider a financial donation of $5 per student. You can also become a PV Art Patron for a donation of $20 or more! Receive special recognition by our Prairie View staff and a special mention on our PTO website and social media.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. We look forward to bringing your student quality instruction with the supplies necessary to create beautiful masterpieces!

MoMMA Art Donation Form

We understand busy schedules. We also know how much time your artist spent on their show-worthy MoMMA submission. Even if you can't make it, you can "purchase" your student's artwork and we will add a SOLD sticker to their masterpiece! All donations directly benefit the Prairie View Art-a-Baloo program! Your donation is also tax deductible (30-0408530). Thank you for your generosity!
  • Suggested donation amount of $5.00 per student. Become a Prairie View Art Patron for a donation of $20 or more!